Brinell CN-Green 532nm laser protection technology

Brinell CN-Green Colour Balanced 532nm laser protection technology is used in applications such as medical surgery, astronomy, micoscopy and aviation safety. The filter has outstanding balanced visible light transmission (VLT) and can block 532nm and 1064nm laser up to OD6.
Brinell CN-Green technology is available in filter sizes from 10mm up to 76mm Diameter with standard sized available from our internet shop. 

Laser Protection Filters


Brinell Vision design and use the latest advanced sputtering and Plasma Ion assist thin film deposition processes to provide laser filters with outstanding optical characteristics. Brinell laser filters are utilised in demanding applications worldwide, are able to work with high powered laser sources and operate in extreme environments.

Brinell vision 980nm emission filter for soft tissue diode laser system. 

For more information about Brinell vision technology visit: Advanced medical laser filters

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Laser Clean-up filters for Nd:YAG, Thulium, Holmium:YAG and Erbium:YAG  

Temperature stable band pass and narrow band pass (NBP) filters for laser clean-up and signal isolation. Suitable for extreme temperature operation and high laser powers. Brinell DL plasma beam sputtered filters are ultra hard, non absorbing and resistant to temperture variations as high as 400 deg C. 

Brinell RAYAG -

Combiner laser protection filter for 532nm, 694nm and 1064nm

Brinell Vision advanced RAYAG laser safety filter technology gives the user outstanding visibility while blocking critical wavelengths from 694-1064nm to high Angles of incidence. RAYAG is produced using advanced ‘state of the art’ plasma thin film deposition technologies. ‘Three line’ variation also available with Brinell CN-Green filter technology for 532nm, 694nm and 1064nm blocking.