Brinell Vision supplies an extensive range of laser safety products for all types of laser applications, e.g. industrial, medical and customised solutions for R&D. We only supply laser safety products which comply with the latest European laser safety legislation. Our eyewear is designed and manufactured to provide users with excellent visible light transmission by use of a combination of advanced thin film technology and filter glass. Brinell vision products and designs are used in the most demanding medical and industrial applications Worldwide.

Laser Protection

Laser Eyewear, Laser Filters & Protection Windows

Contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a comprehensive quote and technical support. We produce laser protection, laser eyewear & safety goggles, windows for UV, Green Laser (532nm), Alexandrite, Diode Laser, Nd:YAG, Thulium, Holmium YAG, Erbium YAG, CO2.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) protection products

Protective Safety goggles and Eyewear for skin treatments, teeth whitening and hair removal etc. New High speed IPL Shutter goggle, Shade 2, 3, and 5 stylish wraparound glasses and 'over specs' for wearing over prescription' glasses, cooling gels, laser shields, laser eyewear and mouth protectors for IPL and laser treatments. Contact us for information about our range of Laser Protection, IPL UV and heat filters. 

ST Laserstrike

Until now if a pilot wanted to fly with 532nm laser protection the only option was to wear amber coloured filter protection, usually in the form of laser eyewear (safety goggles or glasses). While providing the necessary protection from Laser Strikes the filters don't allow the pilot to distinguish between critical colours of the cockpit. ST laserstrike has been specially design to equip the user with protection from malicious laser strikes while maintaining a colour balanced view. ST Laserstrike incorporates Brinell CN-G laser protection technology.